Posted by: Jet Set Ginger | June 15, 2014

On Coffee Shops and Connections

On Coffee Shops and Connections 



An old man drawing at the table, deep in concentration. A youngish, 20 something,

tattooed woman smiling as she texts her lover.  A business man chatting on his headset

while surfing the web. A middle-aged professional woman eating her breakfast and

typing furiously on her laptop,  cigarette in hand.  High school and college students

studying and drinking their iced teas and frappuccinos. A group of young mothers

chatting in their work out clothes while their young ones run free at their feet. A couple

on a first date, tentatively sipping their coffees and making eye contact, observing one

another. And me… sitting quietly with my headphones on, listening to my

music, studying these people, and writing while I drink my green tea and ice water.

Where are we all congregating? Where else but at the intimate Coffee Rush?

Coffee Rush provides not just healthier, organic, and better drinks, but an

atmosphere that surpasses Starbucks {I do frequent Starbucks too, but only when

I need internet connection and can’t get to my beloved Coffee Rush. Shhhhh}




Having been a student of coffee shop behavior for a relatively short time, I have found

something interesting. Amazing human connections seem to take place here.  It is here

that I have witnessed group business meetings, political activist events, intimate chats,

support group meetings, solitary writing moments, and awkward and amazing dates. I

have met people who would change my life profoundly in such a casual and informal



My favorite Coffee Rush overlooks a small lake. At night, you can sit and stare at the

water, the lights from the neighboring condos and restaurants casting a mesmerizing

glow that keeps my attention for hours. The hustle and bustle of people coming

and going, and the music playing overhead, with water misting around us, keeps us

cool from the desert heat.




It is here that I have met interesting people from all walks of life like the tall and

successful engineer chatting me up about college plans and attempting to recruit my

engineer friends. I once discovered a group of young college boys hitting on me who ran

for the exit once they realized my age and how many children I have. There is a

sweet middle-aged woman who frequents Coffee Rush every week, meeting and

chatting with other regulars. She watches my laptop and purse whenever I need a

bathroom break.


chai tea


A dark haired, dark eyed, smiling barista seems to always be working on the days I

arrive. We have a playful banter between the two of us and he knows the

drink I love… a mix of chocolate and vanilla iced chai tea with almond

milk. Whenever I am feeling adventurous,  I allow him to surprise me with something I

haven’t tried before. So far, I haven’t been disappointed yet, with the drinks or the



I love to take the time to ‘people watch’ while I sit there by the water front, wondering at

the private lives of those around me. I can’t help but speculate about

the woman typing on her laptop. Will she be the next famous author? Will the couple

on the first date fall in love? Will the old man drawing at the table create a masterpiece?

Will the business man close a multi-million dollar deal? Will the college kids really get

any studying done?  Will the barista and I sit and talk over coffee again

after his shift is over?


My time spent here is never wasted. Like Harriet the Spy, I often jot down my own

ideas and thoughts about the lives of these coffee shop connections. This place is a well

of water for my thirsty writing soul. For what none of these people seem to realize is

that they are providing me with endless ideas for new stories.


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