Wrestle Her Mind

She smiles on the outside, while her heart is bleeding.

Laughing at the danger, the world gives her a beating.

Strong-willed and tough, she fights off the fear.

Just wrestle her mind and wipe away her tears.

She’s feisty and wild, but her heart loves true

She longs to explore and see the world with you

She won’t be pinned down, no cage can hold her

But wrestle her mind and you will always have her.

Flying Free

Trying to break free of these feelings

Removing myself from the pain.

Holding out hope, while giving advice

Want you to call out my name.

Wishing I could see you each morning,

Needing your arms through the night.

Can’t keep this inside much longer,

The heart carries secrets inside.

The longing and ache growing stronger,

Each moment that I spend with you.

You fill each one of my senses

While the ocean of love we ride through.

But more than the ending that I long for,

My soul wants to see you fly free.

The smile in your eyes when you’re happy,

Is a sight the whole world should see.

For life is made of each moment,

Never to return there again.

And when the lights go down on your life,

It’s not where you are, but who you’ve been.


If Love

by Stephanie Parry

If love…

If love was a melody,

I’d sing you my song.

If love was a jewel,

I’d buy you rubies.

If love was a tear drop,

I’d bathe you in my sobs.

If love was a spark,

I’d build you a roaring fire.

If love was a star,

I’d capture the sun for you.

If love was water,

I’d give you the ocean.

If love was a heart,

I’d break mine in two.

If love was a breath,

I’d give you my last one.

by Stephanie Parry

She wants
An ocean of desire, waiting to be filled
She feels
Every sensation and touch
Memories deep in her brain
Transfer to her fingertips
Touching, exploring, holding
even those places she is afraid to see
So she burns
She cries
She is filled
And for that moment…
She is love.

The Sun

You came to me

Like the moon

Lit up my darkest night-

With the savory taste of your smile

The rushing waves of your eyes meeting mine

And the nearness of our bodies colliding

Then the musical waves of your voice in my ears

Rang true.

And the sun rose.

The Fire

by Stephanie Parry

She was a hot fire
She burned slowly, then roared to life
Consuming all within her reach.

She brought light and warmth
To all those around her
For she truly loved.

And he cracked her wide open
And held her, blossoming, in his touch
The heat inside them burning brighter.

She was open and raw
And their spark lit up a dark night
Creating an inferno that could not be cooled.

And some could not behold
The blaze within her
For it burned their hearts.

And still she loved them from afar
Where the fire could not swallow them
And they kept cool and safe.

And those who were fearless
Stayed close to the warmth
And basked in her glow.

by Stephanie Parry Coleman

The people fill
the room
and she closes her eyes so she can’t see them

They watch and laugh
and clap
as she takes center stage

The music swells
and moves through her
as she sings a song that no one understands

The beat reverberates
through the floor
and into her feet, propelling her to move without thinking

The fire dances
and fills her nostrils
with hot smoke and charcoal, mesmerizing her into a trance

The voices
lull her senses and
send her into the world in which she is trying to escape

They all think
she is the life of the party
when inside she is breaking

They all believe
she feels alive
when she just wants to be held

They all know
she will listen to their story
while she ignores the heaviness inside her heart

They all hear
the sound
of their own voices while she tries to ignore her own

A touch, a smile,
a drink, a laugh.
And she is alone.

The Ocean
by Stephanie Parry Coleman

The ocean
and awaits my coming
as I kiss the waves, my body diving through the silky current.

The ocean
and dances back and forth
as I glide through the blanket, wrapped in the comfort of its embrace.

The ocean
and sings a melody
as the vibrations move me, our bodies forming a sultry duet.

The ocean
and it roars with laughter
as I fall into the watery hammock, the salty foam caressing my face.

The ocean
and feasts on every part of me
as I dive into the deep waters, surrendering myself to it’s desire.

The ocean
and the waves cover the ache in my breast
as the salty tears bathe my cheeks, knowing the end is near.

The ocean
and follows my lead
as I walk toward the shore, each step more painful than the last.

The ocean
and vanishes into the mirror
as I drive away, sobs erupting in my throat at my last glimpse of heaven.

The ocean
and waits for me to come home
as the waves return to the shore, forever.

Every Moment
by Stephanie Parry Coleman

The smell of a newborn baby’s head
or the lingering aroma of baking bread.

The ocean roar at sunset’s end
or a mother’s kiss for a wound to mend.

The hug from a friend when one is sad
or the triumphant screams of a crowd gone mad.

The young girl riding her bike for the first time,
the hum of the car bought with the boy’s own dime.

The tantalizing touch of brand new love
and the sun kissed glow from the heavens above.

The misunderstanding of a lover’s spat,
the connection from an intense chat.

The thrilling lurch as the roller coaster descends
or the woman holding back tears while she pretends.

The sad goodbye of a dear loved one,
crying into the pillow when the day is done.

Love, laughter, sorrow; in time are frozen,
For life is made of every single moment.

by Stephanie Parry

Smile, laugh, flirt, and dance.
Hold your head high, keep back the tears.
Let them close, but don’t give them a chance
To see inside wherein lies your fears.

Keep the invisible shield outside
So no one else can penetrate.
Reaching into your soul deep inside
Where the vulnerability percolates.

Letting someone reach down inside you
May feel like the worst violation
Of the power you have held so true
Cracking the armor is aggravation.

When they view the reality of who you are
Deep down in the depths of your core
They will discover inside the secret places of your heart
The swirling ocean of truth coming to shore.

If they have been gifted with your trust
And they suddenly force through the wall
Your private confidences must readjust
Protecting your heart from the fall.

But when you finally discover the one
Who will keep all your secrets close
They’ll hold your shield until all is done
And you will never let them go.

Pretty Words
by Stephanie Parry Coleman

Pretty words
read all day long
in text messages sent from him.

Pretty words
in the Facebook world
always read on a whim.

Pretty words
that fill blank pages
often wrought with strife

Pretty words
on movie screens,
filling up her life.

Pretty words
to soothe her fears
and help her sleep at night

Pretty words
fill her mind
while she longs to be held tight

Pretty words
all around
in the books that serve as friends

Pretty words
on the page,
trying to make amends.

But pretty words
can’t smooth your soul
when all the world is dry.

And pretty words
can’t wipe your tears
or hold you when you cry.

All the pretty words
sound lovely
in a song, or film, or poem.

But pretty words
can’t hold your heart
and carry you safely home.


by Stephanie Parry Coleman

Every smile, every touch, every word in my head.
Every time that you kissed me,
Each word that you said.

The sound of your voice as you sing me a song
Ringing sweet in my ears
How will I carry on?

Tossing and turning, can’t sleep through the night
When I open my eyes
I feel you holding me tight.

My body aches to be touched by you again
Each part you have explored on me,
Everywhere you have been.

Each moment replayed in my mind like a movie
The thoughts keep coming faster
Can’t make them quit moving.

Closing my eyes, even to blink
I see your sweet smile
Wish that I wouldn’t think

You awakened from inside the depths of my heart
Words that were trapped
To share with you from the start.

More than anyone else who ever will see
Holding the mirror of my soul
My first love to know me.

And as you walk away now, leaving me all alone
Moving on with your life
This heart forever will moan.

Creative Commons License
This work by http://www.stephanieannparry.wordpress.com is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.

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